Saturday, April 17, 2010

Why Nga Ba Taglish Services in the Philippines Are So Dami and So Popular?

I was glancing through a Filipino church's website and noticed on the church schedule a Taglish Service. I checked the websites of other urban churches in the Philippines and saw what used to be the Tagalog afternoon service is now labelled as "Taglish." People (including me) have been using Taglish in churches for a long time, but officially labeling a service as "Taglish" is new to me so please forgive my ignorance or commentary if you go or your church has a Taglish service. I still can't get over the stereotypical story of a kolehiyala's encounter of a popular street food in UP Diliman every time I think about "taglish."

Though Taglish is accepted and widely used in everyday conversations it hasn't been recognized as an official language in the Philippines. However, it seems that Taglish has become an effective way to share the message of Christ thus Taglish services are popping out in metropolitan Philippines today.

I have no objections with the use of Taglish to reach people for Christ. My issue is the extinction of the the national language (which I think is unintentional) that help establish a church's national identity and heritage to the public specially to young people and non-Filipinos.

As Christians we should honor our country. But how can we make sure this ideal is preserved and passed on to the next generation if the national language has lost its place in the Filipino church? Sana man lang sa label ma-recognize ang national language natin.

My friend was right on the popularity of Taglish in Filipino churches, "tama lang ang contexualization, pero eron sigurong hangganan ito lalo na kung nakakasama sa kultura at edukasyon."

Do you agree? Does your church has a Taglish service? What are the feedback or how effective is it?

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  1. Sumasang-ayon ako sa'yo. Karamihan ng mga kabataan ngayon sa siyudad sa Pilipinas ay hindi na halos marunong mag-salita ng diretsong Tagalog. Marahil dahil sa kombenyensya, at dahil na rin sa kasikatan nito sa telebisyon at pelikula. Kailangan natin itaguyod ang pagmamahal sa ating sariling wika.