Tuesday, April 20, 2010

WEEKLY BLOG #10: US Military Blogging - Good Idea or Bad Idea?

I personally think that military blogging should be encouraged. There is no doubt that the internet has power in informing and influencing the public on how all should perceive the United States military. I think the US will benefit if the military will utilize the technology as a tool to create positive perception and combat misinformation about their mission and activities on international territories.

The Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse photos in 2004 is an example where the social web was intrumental in exposing damaging actions by selected members of the military and bring forth justice and open US detention facilities around the world for scrutiny and enforce better regulations. There are also several stories of military bravery that if not for bloggers the public will not hear about it such as the sacrifices of Lt. Michael Murphy (1976-2005) who received the Medal of Honor in 2007.

But the Department of Defense should have some kind of professional military rules and guidelines that all bloggers should follow to ensure operational security are not compromised or confidential information are not leaked online to enemies.

Real life stories of war or military operations are facinating specially if it spot light the heroic efforts of the men and women who serves to defend the freedom of our country and the world. As a kid I was always in awe everytime my grandfather tell us stories of his youth as a guerilla fighter helping US soldiers defeat the Japanese during World War 2. If you think about it, military blogging is a modern way of story-telling that that can positively inform and inspire the many generations to come.

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