Sunday, April 16, 2017

Living Homeless in San Diego

Last February, I was living as a homeless man on the streets of San Diego, California. Check out the homemade slide show above using the video editing app, Splice.

It was a thoughtful conscious choice to plunged into homelessness for one week because of my friend Ed Pelzner. Originally from Reston, Ed has been missing since 2014. The last confirmed information about him was he was living on the streets of San Diego and he's a meth addict. Ed's best friend Will Cravens, has been on a journey to find Ed since he disappeared. He would fly out of Northern Virginia to San Diego at least twice a year and would live on the streets to have closer access, gain trust and built street credibility among homeless people. He serves and volunteers at the different institutions that help the homeless at the same time. When I heard Ed's story one Sunday morning, I knew right away that I want to get into action and be part of a meaningful mission. (Check out this ABC 10 News report from 2015 on the search for Ed)