Sunday, June 19, 2016

Coming Soon: Revised Edition of Controversial Book on Martial Law, "The Conjugal Dictatorship of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos" by Primitivo Mijares

Since I posted the blog post, Remembering Primitivo Mijares and His Message to Maguindanao, in 2009, the article is still getting good traffic and comments from people asking where they can read and find copies of the book. A member of the Mijares clan reached out to me and shared this good news. One of the most controversial book on Martial Law, The Conjugal Dictatorship of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos is available as a free PDF ebook here (a paperback or printed PDF can be purchased at Amazon). 

The bigger news is that an updated version of the book will be released this September. The new version will still be the original book but will be updated with additional references, citations and new content. Something I will very look forward to. If you want to receive updates or notifications of the revised and updated version of the book every Filipino should know and read, The Conjugal Dictatorship, please express your interest by signing up at

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Dear Christians, Don't Celebrate the Murder of 49 Gay People in Orlando

As a Christ-following Christian, I do not celebrate the murder of nearly 50 gay people in Orlando. Instead, I mourned the loss of life and I grieved with their families and friends. It was not a time to blame or speculate but a time to seriously talk to my family and friends on how to love Christianly and live peacefully with people including the LGBT community.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Media and the Backlash Against Internet Pornography Among Young Men

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Finally, a major media publication has acknowledged the harmful nature and effects of pornography. TIME Magazine ran a cover story last April entitled Porn and the Threat to Virility. The writer Belinda Luscombre, followed a growing movement of young men who grew up immersed in internet pornography, only to discover it had damaged their sexuality. Porn has left them incapable of intimate relationships with real women.

The reason some are speaking out against porn, is simple: These mostly non-religious twenty-somethings who’ve been guzzling porn since puberty are realizing that porn has rewired their sexuality, leaving them crippled in real-life relationships.