Friday, December 14, 2012

Slowing Down Makes Christmas Memorable

Here's my guest post article for the National Fatherhood Initiative's 12 Dad's of Christmas. I was asked to share my most memorable Christmas and how I make Christmas memorable to my kids.

hectic christmas

The Christmas season becomes more hectic as one becomes an adult and a parent. That’s why memories of my childhood always come to my mind first when I reflect on my most memorable Christmases.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What's with Boys and Video Games?

I haven't introduced my son to active video games such as XBox or Play Station, but in case I do or he discover it on his own, I will keep this article in mind.

As Christmas draws near, the young—and the young at heart—among the guys in your life are probably asking for the latest video games. And if they’re real junkies, they’ve more than likely given up waiting and have already hit the stores to pick up one of the bestselling titles. You may be thinking, “What’s up with him? This can’t be healthy!” But what if—at the most basic level—it is?

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Showing Off New Father and Son Haircuts

Jordan, my 3 year old son had a haircut yesterday and this is what it turned out. So far, it is one of the most "Liked" and commented photo I posted on my Facebook page.

I also had a haircut but on a separate time. Below's a picture my wife took showing off our new dos. Unfortunately, putting my self in the photo with Jordy didn't generate much "likes" and "comments" compared to my son's solo shot (oh well... call me bitter). Anyway, I'm looking forward when Jordan grows up a bit and we can make our own regular trips to the barber together. I don't know how frequent that will be, but it will be an excellent father-and-son bonding activity that we can do someday.

Kudos and we appreciate the folks at Great Clips. The Ashburn VA location made us look great.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

There's More than Drama and Sex Appeal in Star Cinama's "One More Try" Movie

"Kahit isang gabi lang... pahiram ng asawa mo" - WOW, what a line!!! (LOL)

I stumbled upon this trailer on Facebook of an upcoming Filipino film, One More Try (a 2012 Metro Manila Film Festival entry by Star Cinema). I have not seen the movie (and will not have the chance to), but based on the trailer alone, One More Try tells a story of two couples torn between infidelity and saving the life of a child.

deals with the real issue known as "savior sibling" - which is the main cause of conflict and drama in the movie. In the U.S. it is legal to create a genetically matched human being in order to save or be the “savior” of a sick child in need of a donor. Bone marrow, blood, or even organs from the savior sibling can be taken out and used for transplant for the sick sibling. I’m not sure if it’s also legal in the Philippines.

I doubt the movie will be factual with the issue “savior siblings.” Star Cinema’s main goal is to romanticized the story and produce a “happy every after” box-office ending.

To the trailer’s credit, it shows the devastation and stress placed on a marriage when a child has a fatal disease and the painful decisions parents go through.

Organ donation is perhaps one of the greatest deeds a person can do. But it’s a gift that should be freely given. It is never taken or bought. Creating a savior sibling is a direct violation of the dignity of that person. It treats human life as something to be made and used as a commodity.

The movie is definitely a tear-jerker that my mother and my other female Filipino American friends will enjoy. But if Filipino movie goers think deeper and look past the melodrama storyline and sex appeal of the main actors, the film should also help spark a discussion on ethics and what can happen when parents decide to play God.

Movie opens December 25th
in Philippine cinemas.