Thursday, July 31, 2014

Clean Drinking Water for our New Home

It’s exactly 13 month since me moved in to our new town house. So far, so good. No complaints whatsoever. A lot have been added inside, new furniture, new appliance and even a new family (that’s a different story I’m going to tell next time).

The latest addition to our home is the NewAir WCD-200WWater dispenserIt’s our first water dispenser and the product doesn’t disappoint. I gave it a five star on Amazon because this dispenser has been a life saver! My family don’t trust tap water anymore and I’m tired of buying multiple filters for our Brita pitcher. The hot water feature is convenient for coffee and my wife’s tea, and the cold water remains cold all the time. I refill my 5 gallon bottles at our local grocery store for less than $4. The water tastes clean and we’re drinking much more water today because of the dispenser. It’s a quality product.

(Disclosure: NewAir provided us a sample of the dispenser for review.)