Tuesday, September 1, 2015

When Dads at Play: Let Dad Be Dad!

Moms and Dads interact with our kids in different ways. Like play time. We fathers enjoys making goofy faces and funny noises, throwing the kids up in the air, pretending to be a monster or a super hero.

And while sometimes mom might want to scream or cover her eyes, now there’s affirmation that, as long as kids are happy and enjoying themselves, our goofy teasing and horseplay make for a healthy father-child relationship.

Dr. Kathryn Kerns, a Kent State psychologist, conducted a recent study to assess the interaction of both moms and dads with their children. She found that the “random, sometimes silly play” of dads encourages children to trust their fathers, and can even predict “the quality of a child’s future friendships, social skills and romantic relationships.”

So, there you go, moms, let dad be dad!

(Source: The Point)