Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Which TV Dad Are You?

Last Father’s Day, Focus on the Family asked “who is your favorite TV dad?” The following choices were given:

  - Charles Ingalls (Michael Landon, Little House on the Prairie)
 - Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable (Bill Cosby, The Cosby Show)
  - Ward Cleaver (Hugh Beaumont, Leave it to Beaver)
 - Andy Taylor (Andy Griffith, The Andy Griffith Show)
  - Mike Brady (Robert Reed, The Brady Bunch)
 - Howard Cunningham (Tom Bosley, Happy Days)
 - Steve Douglas (Fred MacMurray, My Three Sons)

  - Uncle Bill Davis (Brian Keith, Family Affair)

  - Ben Cartwright (Lorne Green, Bonanza)

  - Mike Seaver (Alan Thicke, Growing Pains)

  - John Walton (Ralph Waites, The Waltons)

  - Steven Keaton (Michael Gross, Family Ties)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Family Movie: "Monster's Inc. 2" is a Prequel, "Monsters University"

Just saw the teaser trailer of the new Monsters, Inc. movie on YouTube set to be released next summer. Instead of doing Monsters Inc. 2, Pixar decided to produce a prequel entitled Monsters University

I'll miss Boo on the new film. A grown up Boo would be a good idea for the next Monsters, Inc. movie. Pixar did a great job on a grown up Andy on Toy Story 3, and I'm sure they can do justice again if they revisit Boo on Monsters, Inc 2. My question, whatever happened to Boo is still unanswered. Oh well, sequel or not, Monsters, Inc. will always be one of my top movie picks my family and I enjoys. I never tire of the final scene when Sulley opens the reassembled door to see Boo, who in return recognizes him by saying, "Kitty!" It gave Sulley a surprised grin on his face as the film closes.  Very memorable!


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

When Naked Women Became Naked Girls

As someone who was addicted to pornography, I can relate to this great post from Timothy Dalrymple on the pervasive power of porn and how fatherhood changed his perspective on it.

But something changed when I became a father. When I was nine years old, the women I saw in those magazines were women. They seemed very distant. Older, more mature, in control (I presumed) of their own destinies. I gave no thought to the lives they had lived. I gave no thought to their feelings. I gave no thought to them. Now, if I see pictures of a Hollywood starlet on the beach, or a sex scene in a movie, the young ladies are almost always younger. They’re girls, not unlike my own little girl. Someone rocked them to sleep, like I do for my daughter. Someone comforted them when they were afraid of the monster or the spider or the thunder. They have histories, they have dreams, and they have souls. (Read more: Naked Women, Naked Girls by Timothy Dalrymple)

Friday, June 8, 2012

The Best Place to See Filipino Celebrities is in Church

As a Filipino Christian blogger, I would like to ask the following questions: Does evangelical churches in the Philippines particularly urban churches know the difference between a celebrity and a true shepherd of God? Has many would rather have a feel-good preacher in the pulpit than a deep and unapologetic teacher of God’s word? Has some churches, not majority had become too focused on the “Who’s Who” list of personalities that enter their church door? 

Unfortunately, many (not all) expect pastors to be psychologists, CEOs and super stars. Many (again, not all) also adulates how their church has become a pre-show of ASAP every Sunday and considers celebrity members a bragging right and a sign of church success. The "Star Centercomplex in some Filipino churches has to stop. It is toxic and destructive. It leads to self-absorption and swallow theology - it has no place in the church. If many think that the pastor is the "main attraction" and the best place to see Filipino celebrities is in church, the church has serious image problems that require a hard dose of self-reflection and sound-Biblical wake up call. The True North is the only star that needs to be in the spotlight at local churches.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Wake Up Call for Filipino Men

Pinoy Daddy Blogger & son
‎America leads the industrialized world in fatherlessness. Forty percent of all children in America are born to single mothers; that rate is 50% for mothers under 30, and 70% for African-Americans. While moms are great at giving unconditional love regardless of their child’s performance, dads motivate sons to try harder, not to give up, to work for success. But even for those with dads, the average school-age boy in America spends half an hour a week in one-to-one conversation with his father. Compare that with an average of 44 hours a week spent in front of a television or computer screen.

This is a wake up call to Filipino fathers too. Filipino men need to learn from the demise of American fathers and prepare themselves spiritually and emotionally to pursue legitimate pleasures with their mate and children.

Who else is best to lead culture to the right way, but the church?

Recommended reading: The Demise of Guys: How video games and porn are ruining a generation

(Adapted from Filipino Christian blog, Act Like a Man)