Saturday, April 24, 2010

WEEKLY BLOG #11: First Campaign 2012

This week's class assignment is to imagine the 2012 US presidential election campaign - what will it be like and what are key to win the White House. Definitely, Barrack Obama's campaign is the model or the ideal poster child of successful Web 2.0 presidential campaign. I expect that social media in the 2012 US Presidential elections will be still be dominant. All candidates will channel their inner Barrack Obama, and will try to emulate his election success through online grassroot organizing and social web campaigns. I see presidential candidates diving into new social media trends and grabbing every opportunity these new platforms has to offer to give them an edge and give their message more prominence.

I'm a conservative voter and what I want to see in 2012 is a tech and social web savvy candidate with strong conservative values. John McCain was not so far behind the popular vote in 2008 so I think there's still a chance for a conservative president to rise up in the White House. Republicans should learned their lessons and should be pumped up for another round of presidential campaigning against the Democrats.

There will be a new trend in social media that promises twice as fast, open and in-demand that what we have right now. Whoever my candidate will be should learn how to shift with the times. The biased against conservatism in the mainstream media should be a call to all conservative candidates to wise up and double up their efforts to make social media work for their advantage and fill out the gaps that the traditional news media can't or won't fill. I think 2012 will be more cutthroat than what we witnessed during the Obama-McCain showdown. The candidate should be strategically prepared and technologically fit to knockdown the presidential opponent first and win the 2012 election by the voter's unanimous decision.

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