Thursday, April 15, 2010

Our Blessed "Virgin" Lady Gaga

I've featured entertainment personalities in this blog before that are or were celibate (click here and here). But there's a new artist that's worth mentioning, Lady Gaga. Yes, you heard it right, Lady Gaga who's music videos were recently banned for offensive and high sexual content is now claiming to be celibate.

She tells her fans, "it's OK not to have sex, it's OK to get to know people. I'm celibate, celibacy's fine." She also added, "I remember the cool girls when I was growing up. Everyone started to have sex. But it's not really cool anymore to have sex all the time. It's cooler to be strong and independent."

Lady Gaga songs are currently big in the Philippines and theres no doubt she has a significant influence to young fans around the world. I commend and appreciate her for coming out with a positive message to young girls.  Now if she can only put her message into her songs and music videos. Is she a true role model or a "poker face?"


  1. Talk is cheap. As far as the financial aspect of this revelation and potential media fire-storm, it is good for publicity.
    Sorry, I like that the conversation has begun. Her conversation is more than words and does not speak of celibacy. Pro 6:27

  2. Based on the lyrics of her songs and music videos her credibility as a role model is questionable.

  3. Well, after being banned, I guess she needs some good publicity.

  4. True. If only her fans listen to her abstinence message and not to her songs.