Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Teenage Pregnancies in the Philippines is Now Third Highest in South East Asia

According to the First National Youth Commission (NYC) , teen pregnancy in the Philippines is increasing in an alarming rate. Teen pregnancy increased 70% over 10 years. Compared to other South East Asia countries, the Philippines is the third highest in teenage pregnancy and the only country experiencing the increasing trend.

This is one thing that is not "more fun" in the Philippines.

Building a strong moral courage to delay gratification is a sure way to slow down the increasing number of teen moms in the Philippines. So dads, let's tell our children the truth - sex outside of marriage is wrong and it has unintended consequences. 


  1. Yes, you're right when you said that this is one thing that is not more fun in the Philippines.

    Purity must be kept and immorality must be stopped.
    I'm with you in crying out Revival for this nation, the Philippines.

    God bless!

    1. Robert,
      You are right about a revival in the Philippines. Breaking the culture of pre-marital sex in teenagers start within the family. Strong families can make a difference.

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