Friday, October 19, 2012

An Important Message from Billy Graham

Thought I'll post this important message from a living giant in the faith, Billy Graham. The full-page ad was featured in the Wall Street Journal yesterday. As believers of Christ, and as dads we are called to be good citizens and set a good influence to our wife and children. It is important that we understand the issues, support solutions based on Christian principles and vote. 

"Elections and politics will not fix the issues — we have to change culture since it precedes and shapes politics. However, God anoints government leaders and it is our right and duties to elect leaders who we believe have integrity and represent the issues we feel passionate about. Some studies show that only half of Christians are registered to vote and only half of those that are registered actually do vote. We are not doing our duty as citizens if we fail to study the issues and the candidates and vote." (

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