Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy and Funny Viral Flood Photos from the Philippines

Hurricane Sandy left a trail of destruction along the eastern part of the US. My family survived the storm without any major damage at home. My family spent 2 days of no work and school watching videos and TV shows OnDemand, carving Halloween pumpkins and setting up Christmas decorations (yes, that early).

I found some old funny viral flood photos from the Philippines (via Facebook) during the tropical storms there in the recent past months. I’m posting it here not to make fun of the situation in the US but to make the situation a bit lighter and inspiring for everyone coping with the storm. If there's one thing Americans and Filipinos have in common during natural calamities, it's the resiliency to bounce back stronger - though I think Filipinos do it best because they always have a smile on their faces.  :)

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