Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thanksgiving: Good Time to Teach Kids to Serve the Poor

If you want your children to grow up with a heart of serving the poor and needy, then parents should actively look or create opportunities where children can practice what they learn and parents to practice what they preach.

Last week, my kids and I had a little food drive to help raise food items and grocery gift cards to Loudoun Interfaith Relief, the local food bank in our area. We asked mostly our friends in the neighborhood and church small group for food items, gift cards or cash for Loudoun Interfaith's annual Thanksgiving Meal bag distribution.

We collected at least 4 grocery bags of canned vegetables and mashed potatoes, over $100 cash and 20, $10 grocery gift cards - from Giant Food and Target Store.

Our kids personally delivered the collection to the food bank last Saturday. They gave us a tour of their facility and we met the hardworking staff and volunteers of the food bank. 
Our children went home fulfilled and hopefully excited for our next family community service project.

I encourage other families to do the same. Does you family do community service projects together? I welcome some new ideas.

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