Monday, November 3, 2014

Filipina Actress and Fiance Vowed to No Kiss and No Sex Until Marriage

I don’t know who this young actress is (except that she looks like Sharon Cuneta’s daughter KC Conception) but I stumbled upon an article about her recently on Facebook. Soon to be married, actress Jewel Mische said she and her American fiance are waiting for their wedding day to share their first kiss.

She explained they vowed not to engage in any sexual activity before their wedding.

In an interview with ABS-CBN's entertainment talk show “The Buzz,” Jewel said: “Alister and I, first and foremost, we believe that sex is God's wedding present." She added, "we believe that sexual intercourse or the physical and emotional union of two people should be a means of celebrating love, producing children and experiencing pleasure together protected by the commitment of marriage.”

The actress admits she and her fiance made “mistakes in the past.” But now that they found each other, they are willing “to pursue what we think is right.”
“We are both grounded and we believe that sex is for married people. But we messed up also in the past,” Jewel said.

Jewel met Alister in a Christian church two years ago. They got engaged December 2013.

Kudos to Jewel and her fiance and I hope they influence more Filipino couples to make the same vows. Have a fun and memorable wedding night!

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  1. that's Jewel Mische from GMA7's Starstruck

    1. Thank you Oliver. I now know who she is after reading a few articles about her.