Thursday, October 17, 2013

"Oh Sweet Lorraine" - A Touching Story About the Beauty of Life-Long Married Love

Fred Stobaugh recently lost his wife, Lorraine after 75 years of marriage. After he saw an ad for a small music studio’s songwriting contest, Fred (who is not a musician or songwriter) submitted a musical tribute to his wife, entitled “Oh Sweet Lorraine.”

Instead of rejecting Fred's entry because it doesn't comply to the contest's guidelines, they decided to professionally record it for him.
You can buy the song on iTunes.  Green Shoe Inc. studio produced a short film to tell Fred’s story and introduce the song to everyone. As I wrote this post, the Youtube video is close to 5 million views. Fred's song for his late wife also hit the iTunes top 10 last August - not bad for an independent recording studio and a 96 year old non-songwriter.

The beauty of life-long married love flows out from Fred and his lyrics. Something we need to see and hear more often.

Don't forget to grab a tissue.

I dedicate this post to my wife, Praise. 

(H/T BreakPoint)

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