Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Filipino Babies are Not Blessings?

“Babies are not blessings!” This is one of the lines that I can’t forget or even seem to digest from an article written by Ana Santos in Rappler.com. I’m aware of the problem of teen pregnancies in the Philippines but I never considered Santos’ perspective to discourage teenagers from getting pregnant.

It’s true that more teenagers are having unplanned pregnancies in the Philippines. It’s a problem to teenagers if they aren’t physically, financially and emotionally ready for it.

But I prefer a good education on healthy relationships and abstinence in schools and especially in churches to decrease it than preaching babies as an economic inconvenience.

Pointing out babies as a hindrance to one’s future and dream may justify abortion which is a far worst choice any teen mom can make. I also believe that all women are strong enough to raise a child and make the experience of motherhood work despite of income and any other challenges in the way. Filipinos have already proven that the Filipino spirit is resilient and our sense of community is strong enough to withstand any challenges that come our way.

Despite of any pregnant woman’s circumstances, babies are still blessings. Children are worth making sacrifices for. Sure one might postpone school and might have a hard time making ends meet – there are plenty of people who can help. But it’s a sacrifice that is one-of-a-kind and brings a deeper kind of joy to one’s life that is not measured in economic terms. Life is special and ones circumstances don’t determine how his or her life will turn out. It doesn’t matter, if the baby was unplanned or born is rich or poor - they are blessings not because of their economic status or what they can become, but because of their inherent dignity as human beings.

(photo: NBC)

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