Thursday, October 24, 2013

Dad, Protect Your Family Against Human Traffickers

The threat of human trafficking here in the Philippines is real but we can take precautionary measures to protect our loved ones. Here are things that we should be aware of:

1. Too good to be true promises. A human trafficker often victimizes people who are desperate to get out of poverty. If someone is offering you or a family member an easy way to get a job overseas with a big salary, better make a background check first and see if it comes from a reputable agency and if it is registered with the Department of Foreign Affairs.

2. Be mindful of strangers. Instruct your children never to take food from strangers. Better yet, instruct them never to talk to strangers at all. Teach them to get the attention of a known adult immediately when a stranger talks to them.

3. Always accompany your kids. When going to malls or public places, make sure that you never let your kids out of your sight, especially in comfort rooms. There are syndicates who kidnap kids inside restrooms by drugging them, shaving their heads, and changing their clothes so they look different. 4. Be ever vigilant in public places. Be proactive. Always look for out of the ordinary things and report them immediately.

5. Check what your kids are doing on the internet. Know what websites they are accessing. There are programs which allow you to control or monitor their activities while they are using the internet. Be aware of the people they meet in their social networks.

6. Love your family. People who run away from home, especially young women, are the most vulnerable to the ploys of these syndicates.

7. Pray for your family. We can never protect them all the time. In our daily quiet time, we should always ask God to protect our family from the schemes of the evil one.

(Written by Revo Avarientos - Published with permission)

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