Thursday, May 31, 2012

Annabelle Rama to Run for a Congressional Seat in Cebu

Annabelle Rama to join politics.

I have to pause to give myself a moment to wipe the coffee off my keyboard. No, she is not running as president of your local Palengke, she is running for a congressional seat in Cebu next year. I have to check my computer again to make sure the liquid I spit out did not damage it. It has been reported that she consulted her family to discuss her interest to run in Cebu City.

Hey, it is a free country! If actors, athletes, comedians, crooks and dethroned ex-presidents can run for office, why not Rama too? Based on the videos that circulated online about her tirade against former actress Nadia Montenegro, “loudspeaker of the house” might be a fitting title in case she gets elected. I’m just kidding. Because of Rama’s very public persona and what she has said and done in the past, she may have a tough time to convince people specially her constituents that she is running a serious campaign. She may want to consider Susan Ople’s excellent advise to Alma Moreno who is also running in 2013 but as a Senator. Ople, a columnist and former Senatorial candidate, advised Moreno to make sense when speaking your mind, have enough campaign money, enjoy the journey and dream big, all are applicable to Rama. Who knows, Rama could be the “element of surprise” in 2013 and wilt all the Cebuanos with her cause and intentions for office. That is what democracy is all about and should not be taken for granted. We have the liberty to run for public office and the responsibility to choose leaders. 

Whether you take this news serious or not, it is a good teaser preview of what will take place in 2013. My hope, as a Christian nation, Filipinos will contemplate early and will pick the best of their ability a candidate of competence and sound character who will help maintain justice, restrain evil, and preserve order – these are what Christianity calls for in government.

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