Thursday, September 15, 2011

Congratulations, Miss Philippines Shamcey Supsup! Ms. Universe 3rd Runner Up

My wife and I together with Filipinos around the world, watched Miss Philippines and fellow UP graduate Shamcey Supsup win 3rd runner up in the Miss Universe beauty pageant last Tuesday evening. We're very impressed with her looks and her answer during the Q/A portion of the competition. She didn't disappoint Filipinos who were cheering for her with her smart and well-spoken answer.

Congratulations, Shamcey!

I really enjoy Filipino fondness and enthusiasm on beauty pageants. I also get a kick out of hearing post-pageant reactions and gossip from Filipinos that sort of sweet-lemons Shamcey's 3rd place win. Click here, here, and here.

Everyone's thoughts, including mine, on pageants and beauty in general reflect how our society prides too much on physical attractiveness. The hard truth is no amount of makeup or fancy clothes will hide the fact that beauty is temporary. Sooner or later age will rob us of our beauty. The good news is inner beauty is the true measure of ones good looks and it will last not just our lifetime but forever. My hope is that more Filipino women (and men) will focus in the inner beauty of their character by working to be more like Christ.

(adapted from 3/12/09)


  1. True, but being easy on the eyes doesn't hurt.

    I admit that was what first drew my attention to my beautiful Filipina wife over 12 years ago.

  2. Filipinas are among the prettiest in the world.

  3. Thank you, guys! I enjoy even more the Eat Bulaga spin-off with Miss Philippines being called Shamcey Mwah Mwah Tsup Tsup ;)