Friday, August 19, 2011

Paris Hilton: An Inspiration to Filipino Girls

Filipino Dad Blog: Paris Hilton was in Manila to endorse her handbag brand and promote a hotel-resort. During a live press conference, Paris met her number one BFF and “loyal fan” in the Philippines, Isha Dinio. Shaken and in tears, Dinio said to the has-been Hollywood starlet (thank you Lolit Solis),  “you’re an inspiration.”

The well-publicized and obviously rehearsed moment reminded me that Paris Hilton once described herself “an inspiration for a lot of girls” and a story I read from a BreakPoint blogger a few years back. During his young rebellious years, Franklin Graham (son of evangelical leader Billy Graham) one day came home discouraged and told his mother, Ruth Graham, that he was worthless. Ruth replied saying he’s not worthless and God could always use him as a bad example.

So in a way, Paris was right.

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