Friday, November 6, 2009

Whats Wrong With Kindness?

I was not surprised to see many Filipinos around the world working together to help other Filipinos affected by the recent typhoons. It proves that human beings are generally kind and generous specially in time of great need. This reminds me of how human goodness or kindness counters the basic worldview of evolutionist that says survival of the fittest is the ultimate good for the species or eliminate the weak members of the species for the common good. Fans of Charles Darwin have a problem because they don't have a strong argument of the altruistic nature of human except they say that people do "good" to others so that others will do the same good to them which will increase their chances for survival.

Fortunately Christianity offer a better and stronger explanation. While all humans are born with the capacity to sin, we are also capable of caring for others because God created us in His image. Not only we compete with our neighbors for survival but we can care for them and even willing to sacrifice our lives for them.

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