Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Smart Moves

I just read that Senator Escudero is backing out of the presidential and vice presidential race and will be supporting the candidacy of Senator Aquino. If this is true, then I say, smart move. He should seriously consider joining the Liberal Party.

Governor Santos-Recto and husband Ralph Recto recently joined the LP, smart move. What would really be a smart move would be if former Senator Recto admits to the public that the additional 2% VAT he pushed through Congress has accomplished nothing but add to the people's burden, as former Senator Osmena had contested. What would be a smart move on Senator Aquino's part, then, would be to get Osmena back in his senatorial slate by all means possible.

Bad move on the part of Senator Villar. Senator Legarda is history. I don't believe she can accomplish anything anymore. She has lost credibility in the eyes of our youth. She should consider going back to broadcast journalism, as well. Still another bad move on Senator Villar's part is getting Governor Marcos on his senatorial ticket. Old politics. Trapo politics. Being wise and being street wise are two different things. Senator Villar will be fortunate if he gets 30% of the vote.

There are a number of old horses in Congress. They should retire. That would be an accomplishment for them.

Senator Aquino will be the next president of the Philippines. Senator Roxas will be vice-president. Come 2016, we will see a new kind of politics in Philippines history. We will have an electorate that is wired differently. By then, the 18-40 voters will have a much different life and world view than the dominant one today. "Mar" Roxas, "Chiz" Escudero, "Ate V" Santos-Recto and "Kiko" Pangilinan are the personalities to watch. These smart people will be our performance-driven leaders in politics.


  1. Jason, I beg to differ with you on Chiz.

    He may have said that he would support Noynoy's candidacy as a friend, but that doesn't mean he should join LP already. Chiz said in his speech when he resigned from the NPC that he doesn't believe in the traditional party system when it comes to serving as a president. There should be no party, he said, as this will make the candidate beholden to its party. His statement was brave and based on principle. No need to join LP.

    Besides, the LP is fast turning out to be what it espouses against. They want reforms and change but they keep taking in turncoats and opportunists every chance they can get. I applaud Sen. Serge Osmeña for bolting the LP because of what he perceived to be a Mafia-esque thing going on with the leadership.

    Hey, I've got friends who are on the line-up of LP. They're good people but it disappoints me that they're slowly turning into the very thing they claim to fight against. If you look at them, I wish you could tell me me with utmost sincerity that they aren't part of old politics.

  2. Anto- thank you for the comments. I also wish a new breed of Filipino leaders will be elected and finally bring the change all Filipinos deserve.