Friday, February 20, 2009

"The Prayer of Dependence" by Rick Warren

Here's an inspiring article referring to Rick Warren's recent sermon entitled "The Prayer of Dependence" at his mega-church Saddleback Church in California. Many Filipinos know Rick Warren because of his popular book "The Purpose Driven Life" which is also translated to Tagalog - the book is considered the second most translated book next to the Bible.

Rick reminds us that God will provide our needs, not a stimulus bill or in Filipino context, not more money, economic prosperity, a job, low gas prices or winning a multi-million peso lottery.

Here are my favorite sermon quotes that all Filipinos can also learn from:

Whatever your need is – physical, emotional, relational, spiritual, whether it is the need in your body, in your mind, or a need in your soul or a need in your spirit – God says ‘I will take care of that need if you will depend on me.

There’s nothing I need that God can’t supply... It means that as a child of God, as a follower of Christ I should never, and you should never, have a scarcity mentality.

What is the scarcity mentality? Scarcity mentality says, ‘I’m afraid there isn’t enough. There isn’t enough to go around. So I’m going to panic, I’m going to worry. I’m going to get anxious, I’m going to be afraid.' There’s more than enough to go around friends.

The number one way that God tests your faith? Money.

God wants to know: Are you going to worry, or are you going to trust me? … When I meet others' needs, God takes care of mine.

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