Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Christian Books by Local Filipino Authors

As a book and product marketer for BreakPoint and Chuck Colson, I get free books in the mail all the time either as a gift or for review. Some are worth reading but most sits on my desk collecting dust mainly because the theme doesn’t interest me – these books will end up in a balikbayan box to be sent to my pastor friend in Manila. The US has so many Christian resources for everyone, books, DVDs, curriculum, etc. and my hope is that Americans will not take these for granted and realize how blessed they are to have tons of choices on church and Christian resources.

One thing I don’t like living overseas is my limited access to books written and published by Filipino authors. Especially now that Christian book publishing by Filipinos has grown a lot since I left the Philippines many years ago. How I wish I can easily drive to a National Bookstore or Power Books and browse new titles from our very own authors. That’s why I am happy to see this list (thanks Kevin!) of the best selling Christian books of 2008 by CSM publishing. This is a good way to support our authors. Aside from purchasing their books we can help by spreading the word about their published work. I haven’t read any of the books on the list, but from the information I got from the website, one or two on the list interest me. Please just check the website for the description of each book I have no time write them all down:

Top 10 Best Sellers by CSM Publishing:
#1 A 2 Z Creative Teaching Methods, by Lizette Knight and Sonia Silbor
#2 Till Debt Do Us Part, by Chinkee Tan
#3 Called To Excel, by Rex Resurreccion
#4 Yes! I’m a Pastor’s Wife 2nd Edition, by Leah Marasigan Darwin
#5 Basta Lovelife, by Kevin Sanders
#6 Asian Adventure, by Various Authors
#7 Young Women on the Journey, by Various Authors
#8 Walking On: The Best of Women on the Journey, by Various Authors
#9 True Love Waits Student’s Workbook, by Various Authors
#10 A New Breed: Call for a New Generation of Pastoral Leaders by Philip Flores

By the way, if you have any book recommendation by local authors (Christian or non-Christian) or if you know other sources of Filipino books or local publishers that I can browse online, please let me know. I'll share my book recommendations next time.


  1. I have the "Grace Series" if u can call it that by Grace Chong. I'm a grace freak, you know. LOL.

    Anyhow, I wonder why I feel the same way here. I feel like I don't get to read the books I need to read coz bookstores where I am at don't have books of the authors I like.

  2. I dont know the "Grace Series" books but I will check it online. Thanks for the suggestion.
    Some good books are hard to find that's why its good to ask around for suggestion. I recommend to you "Blue Like Jazz" by American author Donald Miller (I hope its available in the Philippines), its about theology and grace written in a contemporary or practical way.