Thursday, December 31, 2015

Filipino American Christian Dad Blogger's Quick and Unofficial Review of 2015

So long super 2015! It has been a good year: new job, my son had a sudden growth spurt, my 11-year old daughter officially reach puberty and my wife and I got deeper and intimate in our relationship. Some friendships were lost but some new friends were gained and grown closer. Here's a quick mention of a few good things that happen to me this 2015.

  • Started a new job and I like my team I'm part of. They are smart, hard-working and drama-free.
  • Got involved in Kairos Prison Ministry and became friends with some inmates. It's a life changing experience that shifted my perspective in serving and my views on the incarcerated.
  • Got into deep hearing God and spiritual warfare prayer after my supernatural experience early 2015.
  • Freedom from conspiracy theories or conpiracism. Yes, I got into it. But God later revealed to me that this worldview is harmful to my Christian walk and witness to others. I'm now repentant about it. 
  • Gained a new friend that I treat more than like a brother. It's true that when you open your home to a stranger, you have shown hospitality to an angel without knowing it (Hebrews 13:2). 
  • Explored more and started practicing my 2nd Amendment rights.
  • Had another year of freedom from a bad habit.  
I'm looking forward to 2016. Happy New Year my friends!

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