Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Report: Filipinos Spend Longest Time Watching Adult Videos

According to a report from pornhub.com, Filipinos are number 1 in the global list of viewers who spend the longest time watching adult videos on the website. PornHub said online viewers from the Philippines spent 12 minutes and 45 seconds on the site, beating the Americans who spent 9 minutes and 51 seconds (see below). The Philippines also topped the same category in 2014. 
No Filipino should be proud of the statistic. Pornography is dangerous to men and relationships (I've been there). The problems with porn are: it's addictive, it breaks families, promotes human sex trafficking, turns people into objects and dehumanizes everyone involved (the Rescue: Freedom International created a powerful animated video describing the ways porn users fuel human trafficking. Click here to view and share the video.)

Ultimately, the Biblical standards for sex are what Christian men and other followers of Christ should uphold - sounds tough to accomplish in our sex-saturated culture. But we can pursue victory and freedom from pornography by knowing that breaking free from it is possible only through the power Christ (my experience was proof). Understanding God who forbids sexual sin is also the God who dealt with sin at the cross, and offers forgiveness for all who repent. Confidence that God gives healing to those who uses their bodies, mind and yes, their video-viewing eyes according to His design and purpose.


  1. Nabalitaan ko nga rin ito, pero sabi nila kaya raw mas matagal ang naging average time ng Philippines ay dahil daw mabagal ang internet sa atin kaya mas nagko-consume ng mas mahabang oras lols :)