Monday, February 4, 2013

Some Golden Bullet-Points from #Dad2Summit

Dove Men Care
Sword training w/ @mcstuntman

It was really good to be in one place with other men who have the same passion as mine. This was the experienced I had last weekend at the Dad 2.0 Summit in Houston TX. It was my first blogging event and the trip was all worth it. I feel energized, affirmed and more inspired to take on my role as a father to my two children and a husband to my wife. The event was more than just about blogging and the business of marketing brands. It’s about fatherhood and how to navigate the challenges of modern life and be proud while doing it.

I wrote down in bullet-points some of the many golden nuggets I learned from the event and posting it here so I won’t forget. Here are some:

•    Never give up on my children. It’s not about the milestones; it’s about making plenty of little moments where my children can hear us and they get it.
•    Stay calm. Be prepared for bra shopping with my daughter in the near future.
•    Act in accordance to my words. Spend time with my children rather than just writing about it.
•    I don’t have to be a trained writer to write or publish a book. All I need is passion, an idea, persistence to make my idea happen and lots of business card.
•    It’s OK to self-promote.
•    My writing reveals my worldview. Be proud and write loud.
•    People are drawn to authenticity. It’s OK to be vulnerable and write about things that exposes you. If a man grabs your testicles, write about it.
•    Improve in my story telling. Practice, practice and proofread.
•    Not all men are slobs. Men from different backgrounds also love their families and want to make their wives life easier.
•    Real men love their children. Real men love their wives. Real men talks about recipes and household chores. Real men talks to their children on the phone using childish-baby voices.
•    I am not alone. In fact, there’s too much competition in the karaoke bar and getting free stuff from brand sponsors.
•    I look good in cowboy boots. I look good sword fighting.
•    I’m not in college anymore. My tolerance for alcohol has drastically dropped.
•    Lose weight easily. Get a shave and facial treatment from Dove Men Care. You’ll be surprised how much pounds you carry with all the hair, dirt and grease on your face.

And there was more that I tweeted that weekend and notes on my notebook that I will review from time to time. Dad 2.0 Summit was quite an experience. I made instant friendships with some and acquaintances with many. I don’t mind visiting it again next time.

Appreciate all the sponsors of the event:

Dove Men Care
ConAgra Foods
Kraft Cheese
Sears Auto Center
Turtle Wax
Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co.
Ella's Kitchen
Jamba Juice
Kidde Safety
National At-Home Dad Network
Single Jingles

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