Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My "Political Illusion" is Officially Over. Congratulations, President Obama!

President Barrack Obama was inaugurated this week and for me it’s still a hard pill to swallow that he will be leading the United States for another four years. I campaigned for Mitt Romney and it was the first time I put in a lot of time, energy and high hopes to a candidate. Losing the election was hard to take but it’s a reality I learned to accept that most Americans still believe in the policies of the Obama administration.

The experience made me reflect on my perspective on politics. It taught me a few things on how I should view government and what I should teach my kids about America- because it’s up to us dads to educate our children about politics:

Lesson 1: Elections in the United States is generally peaceful compared other parts of the world. Watch the international news and you’ll see a culture of corruption in many political elections in developing countries. I still remember the National election in the Philippines back in the 80’s where armed men attacked polling places and snatch ballot boxes from election volunteers. Or, the murder of the more than 50 journalists and civilians in 2009 during a gubernatorial election.  I’m thankful that we’re free to vote and don’t live in a violent society.

Lesson 2: Don’t put all your hopes in politics. “Political illusion” is a new term I learned from the Colson Center; it is thinking that politics is the answer to every problem.  As Christians, we should know better. The Kingdom of God is bigger and more secure than any Western civilization, not because a particular leader but because of Jesus Christ.

Lesson 3:  Now is the right time to do what is right. This is not the time to sit back in sorrow because my candidate didn’t win. I like what my colleague said, “the cultural work that needs to be done to restore human dignity, to restore moral foundations to our society are much bigger than the political process. We need to work in all areas of society to reflect and show that Christ is Lord over all."

(Photo credit: @toniasanders, Instagram)


  1. I love the photo...thanks so much for posting that.

    As for your comment that you've accepted the fact that the majority of Americans "still believe in the policies of the Obama Administration," I've really struggled over that one. I honestly think that Obama's strongest supporters believe in his administration's policies.

    However, I think there was a fairly large contingent of people who weren't thrilled with what Obama had done in the first four years, but who also believed that Romney either wouldn't do any better or that his policies might actually make things worse. I don't ever recall hearing so many voters tell me that they honestly didn't know who to vote for because they didn't like EITHER candidate.

    I agree with your three lessons. I wish more people would learn them!

    1. Indeed. I understand and felt your struggle. Sad part is many Christians still believe that politics has no room in their faith. Thus, they stay away from political issues and categorize it as "secular" and has nothing to do with the Bible. That perspective is wrong and should be changed. Christianity is all aspect of life, including politics and government.