Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's up to us parents & church leaders to teach kids about politics in the Philippines

PNoy’s alleged reputation for malevolence is undeserved. I do not regard him as a corrupt or an evil person who is bent on destroying our governmental institutions. On the contrary, I find him sincere and determined in his intention to get rid of people who are using our very institutions for their own hidden agenda. I think the President is on the right track to protect all branches of the government whether it is the executive, legislative, or judiciary from the existing and potential abuses of those who populate them.

I am sorry to say this---but in general, I have been disappointed with how our elders behave lately towards PNoy and his cabinet. They have not been good role models for the younger generation. I am particularly disappointed because these elders who still wander the corridors of power could have changed things around before, and yet, they failed us over and over again.

(Read more, Efren Padilla, GMA News)

Echoing Padilla's remarks, I add parents, teachers and specially Church leaders should tell next generation Filipinos that what they see and read on the news are great lessons in what they ought not imitate. Current events should be teaching opportunities to tell them what's wrong with Philippine politics and that truth and doing the right thing always matter.