Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Unleash the Manny Pacquiao in every Filipino!

(originally posted on by Michael Cho)

What I draw from this fight is a reaffirmation that Filipinos are amongst the best in the world not just in boxing but in any field. Manny, Charice, Arnel, Dado, as well as the tens of millions here and abroad are thriving to create a better Philippines. Filipinos are one of the smartest, most talented, hard working, industrious, creative, artistic, dedicated and religious people in the world. The natural resources in the Philippines are also amongst the best in the world, it truly is a paradise.

We have a diaspora of ten to twelve million that have left our country not necessarily seeking an easier life, or more money, or fame, they are seeking is a fair and level playing field; where they are measured and rewarded for their abilities, strengths, dedication, smarts, talents, and potential – instead of their surnames, relatives, relations, connections, and affiliations. The world is evolving far beyond stamping-out corruption to creating a meritocratic democracy.

Our people have all found success in the four corners of the world in all fields except in our own country. It would be a gross understatement to say that our country has underperformed relative to other countries; considering all our talent and resources. Any fifth grade student will tell you it is because our country is festering in corruption. Some even defend it as a system of wealth redistribution or a zero sum game. It is not as simple as stealing from Peter and giving to Paul. When you steal from Peter and give it to Paul both Peter and Paul lose. It even destroys everyones humanity and human spirit. Humanity is our will to share and cooperate. Human Spirit is our drive, passion to succeed, will to thrive, survive and compete. MLK said that “Injustice to one is injustice to all”.

Our success abroad is a testament of what the Filipinos can do if given a fair chance. If we all achieve ten percent of our potential, the Philippines would truly become the envy of the world. We would be beyond comparison. We just need to create and maintain a fair and level environment. We always tell your kids that “it’s not about winning or losing but how you play the game”. That is so true in life if we all had a fair playing field we would all be inspired to “participate”, try, work, invest, live better, stronger, and do more.

Let’s unleash the Manny Pacquiao in every Filipino!

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  1. Very true! I noticed that many of us were able to make a name outside the country, which is good, because people recognize their potential and value. And also bad, because they never had that chance back home.

    Our country is in the midst of losing its talents and nobody is doing anything about it. For us to have a fair and level playing field, there's something in our culture that needs to change. We are all familiar with crab mentality where people pull people down instead of pushing them up.

    I love our country so much!