Monday, May 25, 2009

Halili-Kho Video Sex Scandal

The video sex scandal involving Philippine actress Katrina Halili and celebrity doctor Hayden Kho is a good illustration that our sins have consequences. Also, news about sexual abuse and the degradation of women should remind us that human beings are created in God's image. It is from this "being in God's image" that gives us dignity and separates us from other of His creation. Women in particular has a special divine purpose on Earth and deserve their dignity to be respected and protected, it doesn't matter who they are, what their past is or the image they portray in public.

Halili and Kho made bad choices and are now paying the consequences. If accusations about Kho is true, he clearly violated Halili as a person and robbed her of the dignity God has given her - he should be held accountable for his actions. For all of us, the best way to respond to the sex scandal is to pray for everyone involved, learn God's perspective on the situation and answer the question, "how now shall I live?" For starters, refuse to view or pass the controversial sex video to others.

(More editorial on the topic from a political perspective posted on The Philippine Star, May 23rd)


  1. My friend Kevin Sanders posted a blog post on the same topic that gives a fair and Biblical perspective on the issue.

  2. you know, honestly, the fact Katrina did that with Kho makes me sympathize with her less.

    What kho did, video taping her without knowledge, is wrong for sure but Katrina was also wrong having sex with a man not her husband.

    Gone are the true values of the Filipina. And that issue of "the consequences of pre-marital" sex will be overshadowed by the issue of "KAtrina victimized by KHo" and oh, let's see if they can cancel Kho's license.