Saturday, February 12, 2011

Can True Democracy Emerge in Egypt Now that President Mubarak is Gone?

The events in Egypt reminded me the Philippine's peaceful People Power revolution in 1986. Filipinos should be reminded that we must keep the spirit of people power alive.

But who will replace Mubarak? Can democracy emerge in Egypt now that President Mubarak is gone? Filipinos were blessed to have former President Cory Aquino as a new leader after Marcos. She was for and aimed to restore democracy back into the hands of the Filipino people. Unfortunately, Egypt may be a different story because the regime that will take over is still uncertain.

As prayerful and united Filipinos were during EDSA, Christians should pray for peace in Egypt and pray for divine intervention as the country transitions to a new government. Because who else can best pray for them? But those who have been there and knows how it felt like 25 years ago. Coincidentally, Egypt's and the Philippines people power revolutions are both in February.

(Adapted from Democracy in Egypt)

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