Tuesday, June 9, 2009

No Kiss Rule: Filipino Actress Rica Peralejo Takes a Stand

More on my Saturday afternoon spent watching TFC. I saw a brief interview on Filipino actress and TV host Rica Peralejo during her guesting on game show Wowowee. She's recently engaged to her pastor boyfriend of 10 months and host Willie was curious if her decision not to be kissed during their relationship was because her boyfriend was a pastor. She gave an impressive answer and for a brief moment revealed that she truly turned 180 degrees away from the sex symbol image she once portrayed on the silver screen. She responded something like this:

He could be a businessman o kahit ano pa trabaho nya. But I would still make the same stand. Kasi marami na rin naman akong pinagdaanan and I found out that it doesn’t really work that way. I don’t condemn people who do that kaya lang, sa lahat ng pinagdaanan ko I really like to be careful.

Kudos to Ms. Peralejo for taking a strong stand and setting a good example to other women and couples that abstinence before marriage is possible. Tunay kang dalagang Filipina. May we see more public personalities living out their convictions like you.

(image from filipinoexpress.com)


  1. More interview on Ms. Peralejo regarding her wedding engagement via PEP.

  2. Nice--I like the fact that she didn't judge those who don't take the same stand. She just explained why she decided to do this.