Monday, April 13, 2009

Filipino School Girl Told to Choose: Country or Parents

A Filipino family is making news in Japan not because of any extraordinary skills or abilities but of legal matters that left a 13 year old girl separated from her parents. Parents of Noriko Calderon violated Japanese immigration laws and are now paying the price for entering and working in Japan illegally. Noriko was asked to choose between her parents and the country she considers her home. Part of me feels bad that this has to end this way. This could be very traumatizing for a 13 year old. However, part of me also feels that somehow, justice has been served for the parents who have broken serious immigration laws in Japan. They should have known that their actions have consequences. But who am I to judge? We were somehow in a similar ethical dilemma a few years back with our US immigration status. Its a tough decision, but we decided abiding US immigration laws is God's best for our family than violating it.

What do you think? Is this justice served or not? In any case, this family deserves our prayers.


  1. A coin has 2 sides. For some, this is justice if we are talking about laws and it's really a tough decision and looking at it at the other side, I believe they just want to have a good future. I mean, if I were to choose between our beloved country and Japan, this question will be considered as a rhetorical question.

    Our prayers..

  2. Every family decision boils down to what is best for my family. I am sure that is what the Calderon's have in mind when they stayed in Japan and its a nightmare for this to happen because they never intended it to end this way.