Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Power of Dad and Family Dinners

One simple way I protect my children from the dangers of drug abuse, suicide, and premarital sex is simply sitting with them at the dinner table. According to the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, children who have dinner with their parents at least five times a week are less likely to drink, think about suicide, smoke, or say they will use drugs in the future.

My dad was always home for dinner when I was growing up. Our dinner table was not only where my family enjoyed my mom’s cooking. It was also where we shared our values, where we asked questions, and where we learned from each other. I make an intentional effort to continue this tradition with my own family. I’m always home for dinner. I intentionally looked for a job that was close to home and would get me home in time for dinner everyday. It brings a smile to my face when I hear my kids scream “daddy’s home” every time I walk in our front door from work.

The best dinner is when I cook and my family would love it. Last Memorial Day, I prepared a Texan-style smoked pork shoulder for the first time. I smoked it for 12 hours until 1 am. The long wait was worth it. We had the smoked barbecue the following dinner. I knew I scored a home run with the dish because all mouths and fingers were messy while eating my smoked pork. The smiles were precious and was definitely an “I love being a dad” moment for me.

So why not plan a new routine, or add another family night to the schedule? There are simple ways you and I can do to make a real difference in the lives of our children. Be a powerful dad and reclaim the family dinner.

And after a fun family meal, remember to brush. Dads can also make teeth brushing a fun bonding activity.

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  1. I love it, small powerful moments. If only my generation would look back at the things that truly matter the most and then make it a habit to keep doing those things...

    1. Powerful indeed. I'm so glad for mediums like video and audio being used to spread heartwarming family-friendly messages.