Saturday, April 27, 2013

Filipino Christian Dad Blogger Buys a Brand New House from Van Metre

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It was pre-drywall inspection last Wednesday and we finally had a close look of what our new house will be like inside and out. We recently purchased a brand new house and we've been very excited about it these past few weeks. We picked a decent size end unit townhouse (3 bed/3 bath) for our first major real estate purchase in the 12 years we’ve been married. We waited for years to jump in the housing market and we’re glad we waited. We got the house just in time when housing costs and interest rates are at its lowest.

Our two kids are also looking forward to our new home. It’s a new place for them to play and grow up in. They only want 2 things in the house: their own bedrooms and stairs - they’re getting both. My wife had a few “must-haves” which she got and a few that were let go or adjusted so she and I can finally pick the right house for us within our specific time frame. My only "must-haves" are, the house should be close to my work and within budget. Thankfully, all of it were met. I am just grateful that we have a home that we can finally call our own.

A home that can protect us and provide a more stable way of life for my family. Do you know that the sanctity of one’s home and the principle of private property in general are rooted in Scripture? In Isaiah 32:18, God says, My people will live in a peaceful neighborhood— in safe houses, in quiet gardens. Our new house will be peaceful and private indeed. I thank God for this blessing and humbly acknowledge that this house is not solely our own, but God's and is meant to be shared to the needy in our community. Our projected move in date is the week of June 12th. The builder of our house is Van Metre. The sales manager and the construction manager assigned to us were extremely easy to deal with and were very accommodating. We’re very pleased with their service. Please check out their website and maybe you can consider buying a house from them too.

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