Friday, November 23, 2012

My Daughter's First 5K Race

Isabelle made it! She completed her first 5K race yesterday in 44.22 minutes. Not bad for an 8 year old first time runner- Of course I’m biased because I’m the dad. Isabelle complained some leg cramps during the race so she walked some parts of it. But she remained enthusiastic and determined to cross the finish line on her own. 

We also raised close to $250.00 for Angel Tree by the end of the day which made her feel extra proud and excited of her accomplishment. We appreciate all who donated!

My wife and I are unsure of what sport Isabelle will be good at. Now, I am thinking maybe cross country running or track and field may be a good fit for her. But when I asked if she want to race again next Thanksgiving, she hinted he wants to take a break from 5K running or try the 2K race with her mom and little brother instead. Oh, well… let’s see what will happen. 

Great job Isabelle!

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