Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I'm a WatchDOG Dad

Mission accomplished! 

Today, I served as a WatchDOG dad at Isabelle’s elementary school. My day was hectic, a bit stressful but so much fun and very satisfying (I took a shot of 5-Hour Energy to help me go through the day). The best part of being a WatchDOG was seeing my daughter proud of seeing dad around school and being a WatchDOG kid or as she refers as a “WatchPUPPY.” Sitting down and socializing with my daughter’s friends during lunch period was also very valuable. 

I am very impressed on how kids react to my presence. Some will call me by name, “Mr. Bruce” or “WatchDOG” when they see me in the hallway and greets me with a big high-five. There were kids who were eager to get close to me and some who wants to be "clingy" - which doesn't bother me at all. The presence of a male-figure WatchDOG in school provide an extra sense of security and comfort children need every day. I am glad to be able to provide that even for a short time. That alone is reason for me to volunteer again someday.

WatchDOG is the father involvement initiative of the National Center for Fathering. It organizes fathers and father figures to provide positive male role models for students by serving at least one day a year in a variety of school activities assigned by the school principal or administrator. Click here for more information.

The WatchDOGS. Mission Accomplished!

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