Tuesday, June 19, 2012

When Naked Women Became Naked Girls

As someone who was addicted to pornography, I can relate to this great post from Timothy Dalrymple on the pervasive power of porn and how fatherhood changed his perspective on it.

But something changed when I became a father. When I was nine years old, the women I saw in those magazines were women. They seemed very distant. Older, more mature, in control (I presumed) of their own destinies. I gave no thought to the lives they had lived. I gave no thought to their feelings. I gave no thought to them. Now, if I see pictures of a Hollywood starlet on the beach, or a sex scene in a movie, the young ladies are almost always younger. They’re girls, not unlike my own little girl. Someone rocked them to sleep, like I do for my daughter. Someone comforted them when they were afraid of the monster or the spider or the thunder. They have histories, they have dreams, and they have souls. (Read more: Naked Women, Naked Girls by Timothy Dalrymple)

Porn is addicting and can eroded ones character by desensitizing a person to sin. Pornography drove me “crazy” by robbing me with joy and vitality. I was mostly ashamed and it weaken my view of self and my moral authority at home and community. Overcoming my addiction was not an easy road but it was a path I was willing to take because Jesus reassures, “in the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world.” 

Note: If you're in the Philippines and have issues with addiction and sexual brokenness, I recommend you check out Living Waters Philippines and this blog KuyaKevin.com

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  1. A good post. I appreciate you sharing this.

    I was wondering, would it be okay, if I put a link up of this post and put it on my blog?

    Let me know if that's okay with you or not. Thanks!

    1. That would be OK. Please send me a link to your article.
      Thank you for stopping by.

  2. One of my biggest struggle with my ex-husband was his addiction to porn, he knew that as a Christian it entails a curse that would pass on to his children but he didn't listen until the time we separated. He is still engages in this kind of addiction and I just pray that God covers my children with the Holy Blood of Jesus and to break the curse that their dad is putting on them. I hope that many Christian men would consider their ways. Sometimes, even if you're a Christian, the temptation is always there still.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you for your comment and honesty, Marissa. I also pray for God's covering over your children. God bless you and your family.