Saturday, April 21, 2012

Remembering Two Great Men, My Dad and Chuck Colson

April 21st will always be a special date for me. Exactly eight years ago my dad, Romeo Bruce went home with the Lord, and at 3:15pm today I lost a mentor and friend, Chuck Colson. The date of their death is not the only thing they have in common, both are Godly men who lived exemplary lives to proclaim and defend God's absolute truth. Both played a big part in my life and influenced me to become who I am now. My dad introduced me to the Truth and Chuck taught me how to live the Truth. I imagine my dad greeted Chuck at the door with a big welcome hug. I’ll miss them both.

Romeo Bruce, March 14, 1932 - April 21, 2004
Chuck Colson, October 13, 1931 - April 21, 2012


  1. You are a very, very, very lucky man to have not only met Chuck Colson, but have been mentored by him.

  2. I am very blessed indeed. Thanks.