Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Filipino Blogger Dad (Me) Slams Chris Brown & the Grammys

Is it bad to wish that these girls get their wishes granted to knock some senses into their looney heads? Check out the 25 Extremely Upsetting Reactions to Chris Brown at the Grammys. I wonder how their dads would react if they read what their daughters have been tweeting about the self-admitted female beater.

I've expressed my contempt against Chris Brown in the past but what's more upsetting today was how everyone including last Sunday's Grammys were quick to forget the abusive Chris Brown and act like his assault charges were not a big deal. What kind of message are we giving our daughters?

At least I'm not alone in my sentiments. Country star Miranda Lambert also slamed Chris Brown's Grammys return.

Chris Brown ex-girlfriend Rihanna, was no exception. Though there was no cringe-worthy about Rihanna last Sunday, allow me to vent out my feelings about her. I knew she will go down the drain together with her ex-boyfriend when she came out with the single S&M- a catchy but very sexual song about wanting more beating, hurting and whipping. The single was released sometime after the abuse from Brown and her public call against domestic violence. How quick did she turned around away from her cause? The right term to describe the young popstar is "fake" or "hypocritical" (Read related blog post on their trip to the Philippines)

Once again, the Grammys tainted its reputation (I'm not surprised). The Grammys Awards, Chris Brown, Rihanna (plus the bride-of-Frankenstein and Catholic bashing Nicki Minaj - this is another blogpost) in one night gave me more reasons to keep myself and my children away from Hollywood award shows and pop music.

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