Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Lecture Every Filipino Must Watch

I'm from UP so I was very inspired and proud to hear this lecture from UP Economic Professor Winnie Monsod. But I'm also living in the US so the speech also made me think (malaki na pala utang ko sa UP kasi full scholar ako).

Prof. Monsod asserted that for a UP student, leaving the country to live and work abroad is a form of "betrayal" and encouraged everyone to stay after graduation. I can argue that the economy of the Philippines was different when Prof. Monsod was in college or was starting her career. Times have changed and there was no point of going overseas for greener pastures back then. This is always a sensitive and “controversial” issue specially to UP students. I know many aspire to stay but realize that they can’t because of economic reasons. I would also think that many who leave the Philippines also felt the country has betrayed them too. I may give back to the Philippines through voluntary service or by giving my school and country a good name but I admit it's not the same if I'm home.

But I agree with what Prof. Monsod said about honor and integrity. Many students and young people are losing sight of it because of the aspiration to excel, succeed and get rich thus adding to the problems of the Philippines. In the secular world today, many view the goal of work is to make as much money as you can. Do you agree?

God's original plan for work is not to get rich or happy. God made us in His image with the desire to be creative and productive. Work is not a curse but a blessing so we can be His stewards and make His world a better place. To restore personal integrity and national honor back, a good way to start is to teach the Godly value and true meaning of work not only to UP students but to all Filipinos.

(Acknowledgment to my friend Rainier and Juan Country blog)


  1. UP High and UPV ako, jas... and i work in our department of health because i feel i have to give back... honestly, i sometimes i wish i didn't have that feeling...

    But thanks for the reminder that in the eyes of God, any type of (honest) work is honorable... Let's continue to bloom where we're planted... :D

  2. You're welcome Vikki. Honorable work brings glory to God and you give you're country and school a good name.